Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rahul learns his lesson the hard way (Part 4)

"All right. We will pardon you. But you have to pay for your misdeeds. As a punishment, you have to hold your ears and do situps 20 times as a punishment. Furthermore, you have to promise us that such callous mistakes would not be repeated in future," the tube-light said.

"I agree and promise that I will not repeat such mistakes anymore... 1... 2... 3..." Rahul held his ears and did situps.

"Son, wake up. It is 4 pm and you are already late for tuitions. And why are you counting in your sleep?" his mother asked waking him up. Rahul woke up startled, rubbing his eyes. He saw that the fan and tube-light were running all fine.

"Nothing serious, mother. I was just dreaming," Rahul replied back feeling relieved. He got up from his bed, and much to his mother's surprise, he switched off the fan and tube-light.., and went into the bathroom to wash his face.

Rahul learned the lesson, wasting electricity has a negative effect on the environment and causes global warming, we should switch off electricity when not required and help save the planet

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