Friday, January 25, 2008

Cunning Shiyar gets his due (Part 4)

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Shiyar, the Fox also assured Banny that he would no longer harm or tease anybody in the jungle. Banny extended his longest branch in the ditch. Shiyar got hold of it and came out.

As soon as he came out, he pounced upon Harry, the Hare.
"You idiot, Harry, you really are a fool to have pulled me out of the ditch. You never thought that I am hungry for 2 days . And a hungry fox would never resist eating a juicy hare."

But Shiyar, I never thought you could kill me who has actually saved your life."
"I am amazed that you still believe in these old, orthodox and outdated dictums of life. I also wonder how come your species is considered the most intelligent of all animals."
Harry got panicky and looked for help at the old banyan. But the old banyan just gave a slight jerk to his branch.

The fox was standing near the edge of the ditch. Suddenly, he lost balance due to the jerk. The branch he was holding on, slipped from his grip and he fell again into the ditch down below.
Harry heaved a sigh of relief on seeing that he was out of danger, with Shiyar, the Fox back into the ditch. He was thankful to the old banyan for his gesture and hugged him.

"Banny, you were correct. I was wrong. It is true that to help such kind of evil-minded animals like Shiyar, the Fox, you really have to think at least 10 times." "See, you are responsible for your actions. You have to pay for your sins," Harry rebuked at Shiyar, the Fox looking down.
"I saved your life and you tried to eat me up. Now spend the rest of your life in the ditch itself. Good-bye..." Harry waved his hand and left for his home.

End of the Story

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