Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Lesson of Unity (Part 2)

Start of the story

After a few days, the sweets again quarrelled. They created lots of noise and were about to fight when the milk lying in a large bowl intervened, "What is the matter? Why do you quarrel?"
The sweets told them the reason of their dispute.
The milk heard them and laughed saying, "In fact, I am the greatest. None of you can compete with me
"How can you say that?" sweets asked.
"It is so simple. You cannot exist without me, because I am used to prepare you. Even the kheer is prepared using me", the milk said, "now it is upto you to decide whether or not I am the greatest." The sweets appeared convinced.
The milk felt happy that the sweets were convinced, "Now on, I am your king and you are my subjects. You will have to obey me."
The milk took advantage of the differences among the sweets.
He made them dance to his tunes and indulged in all sorts of excesses.
The sweets grew more and more worried. But they were unable to find a way out. They could not take on the milk due to lack of unity among themselves. When alone, they would weep at their plight and thus managed to copy up with the agony.

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