Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Jackal's Scheme (Part 4)

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Judging that their strategy had failed, Billoo Jackal tried to run but Deenu Bear pounced and caught him by his neck.
"Please leave me. I admit my mistake," Billoo started pleading for his life.
"Idiot, when Pappu had gone for a bath, Cheeku and myself were playing carrom. How could he possibly have injured my son? I was already suspicious of Ranga’s intentions," the Bear answered.
"He had seen me in the market wearing a blue- coloured T-shirt and tried to trap me in his evil plot. He told other animals about it and everybody suspected me for I was wearing the same blue- coloured T-shirt when these animals came knocking at my door," Cheeku cleared.
The news of the incident spread like wildfire. Other animals came over. When Billoo and Ranga apologised for their conspiracy, the animals let them free with a stern warning.

End of the story

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