Monday, January 14, 2008

The Jackal's Scheme

CHEEKU RABBIT and Deenu Bear were good friends. Both of them used to help each other in times of need. "Deenu, I am going to the market. Do you want me to buy anything for you?" Cheeku asked him while leaving.
"Brother, if possible, buy some floor. I wish to prepare pakoras(an Indian snack) today," Deenu’s wife Rani replied.
"You are also invited in the evening to our house for a cup of tea and pakoras." Al1 right, Bhabhiji(Sister-in-law). Cheeku left for the market.
The animals of the jungle were very happy to see them as good trustworthy friends. But some bad elements within the group were jealous of them and tried to create misunderstanding between them. Billoo Jackal was, in fact, waiting for some opporune moment to hunt the rabbit. But he was unsuccessful in his endeavour due to fear of his friend, Deenu Bear. He was convinced that he would be unable to win against the combined might of them both, all by himself. He, therefore, decided to take support of one more animal to execute his evil plan.
Ranga Fox was having a nap under the shade of a banyan tree. On seeing him, Billoo Jackal had a
twinkle in his eyes.
"Hey Ranga, get up," Billoo went near and stroked him.
"What is the matter? Why have you woken me up?" Ranga asked rubbing his eyes.

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