Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rahul learns his lesson the hard way (Part 2)

"And I too will not serve you with cold water and ice-cream as well," the refrigerator declared.
"But why? What have I done?" Rahul asked with a glint of tear in his eyes.

"Because you always harassed us. You keep us ‘on’ and then conveniently forget to switch us ‘off’ when not in use," the table-lamp explained him in an annoyed tone.

"You open my door and leave it as it is. As a result, I am forced to put in a lot of extra effort to keep things cool," the refrigerator protested.
"And as regards me, you are the most careless. Last time when you had gone to Delhi with your parents, you had forgotten to switch me ‘off.’ I was kept running for full 2 days. As a result, all my internal wiring got burned," the fan spoke in a huff.
"You keep me ‘on’ and then go out to play. Do you know how bad I feel when there is nobody to watch me," the television aired his grief.
"You also leave me running and go to your friend’s house. I have to labour a lot and sweat myself to keep your room cool," the cooler also chipped in.
"Your laxity has caused a lot of inconvenience to us and as a result your father has to pay higher electricity bills and created a lot of environmental damage" the tube-light said.
"We will no longer provide you with all these comforts. We are going on strike," the fan gave the decision.

"Yes... yes... we will go on strike," they all spoke in unison.

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