Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Adventures of Radha

A little girl named Radha was playing with a ball. After a while, put it down and went to pick some flowers. When she came back, looked around, but couldn’t find her ball anywhere. She started to cry.
Now, where was the ball? Two squirrels had found it, and they thought it was something to eat and they took it up to a branch on a nearby tree and started licking but they found that the ball tasted very nasty! Just then a bird flew by. “You foolish squirrels,” chirped the bird, “That’s a ball to play with, and to eat! It belongs to little Anjall, she’s looking everywhere for it!”
The squirrels looked down and saw little Radha crying for her ball. They felt sorry for her, and dropped the ball down to the ground. Radha was surprised, but so very happy to see her missing ball dropping from a tree!

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