Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Lesson of Unity (Part 3)

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One day, the shopkeeper suffered from indigestion. He send his servent to fetch 4 lemons, then he cut 2 lemons, squeezed them to get the jiuce, added a little water to the juice, drank it and slept. The juice gave him a little comfort and soon he started snoring.

The remaining 2 lemons found the noise disturbing. One of them got out of the shop while the other got inside the shop to find the sweets sobbing.
"What is the matter? What makes you cry?" the lemon asked the sweets.
The sweets saw a friend in the lemon and shared their grief with him.
"The milk has made our life miserable." they said.
"Do not worry. I will help you." the lemon consoled them.
"You? You are as small as a little ball, how can you help us?" the sweets asked with surprise.
"Wit and intellect have nothing to do with one’s size. Just watch me cutting him to size." lemon said.
"Oh, just keep your mouth shut, you little fool! Can’t you see such a large group of sweets failed to challenge me? How dare you do so?" The milk said.
"Friend, don’t boast of yourself. I agree that you have many qualities, but it does not mean that you should torture the sweets."

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