Friday, January 25, 2008

Cunning Shiyar gets his due

Based on a story by Veena Gupta
This story will teach the kids not to be cunning, you cant fool everyone all the time.

Harry, the Hare had a daily habit of waking up early and going for a morning walk. Since the weather was fine one day, he decided to walk a bit further. As soon as he passed by the old banyan tree, he heard someone crying. "The voice sounds like a fox." he thought. He looked around and said, "I think that a fox is in some sort of difficulty. I have to help him." And he started moving in the direction from where the voice had come. He had barely moved 8-10 steps when he saw a deep ditch besides the old banyan tree.

He came nearer and carefully peeped inside the ditch. The voice was coming from the ditch itself. A fox was crying for help. "Maybe, the poor fellow had accidentally fallen inside and sustained serious injuries," Harry thought.

"Oh, this is Shiyar, the Fox!" Harry recognised the fox immediately.

As soon as Shiyar saw Harry, he started groaning in pain. "Harry Brother, please save me. I am stuck in this ditch for the past 2 days. Nobody has come to rescue me. I am dying here for want of food and water."

"I wish I could have helped you in some way. But Shiyar, I am small and not strong enough to pull you out of this ditch. But don’t worry, I will just bring in some strong and big animal. He would definitely pull you out."

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