Friday, January 11, 2008

Captain Tortoise goes to the moon (Part 3)

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A number of small animals got injured in the process, nonetheless, they were very excited and hailed Captain Tortoise with gusto.
A little later, Tommy, the dog, said, "But where has the spacecraft disappeared?"
"Have patience. Tonight, when Captain Tortoise lights a fire on the Moon, we will get to see it," said Bholu, the hyena.
In the meantime, Captain Tortoise’s spacecraft landed into a dry well which was just a little distance away from the site from where it had taken off.
As the spacecraft had stopped with a jerk, Captain Tortoise thought that perhaps he had reached the destination, the Moon.
He came out of his craft in style. He unfurled his flag there and began to look around himself with an air of pride.
Then he felt hungry. He took out laddus from the tiffin and ate a couple of them at one go. Now he felt thirsty but alas! There was no water there. He had forgotten to bring a water bottle along.
"Chanderlok(moon) appears to be good but there seems to be a shortage of water here," murmured Captain Tortoise. He began to pace around. When he could no longer bear the thirst, he shouted, "Is there anybody around? I have come from the Earth. Is there any water here?"
Just then, he saw a rope hanging. He caught hold of it and climbed it. But there was nobody there. He climbed onto a big rock.

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