Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Story of the pencil box

A pencil once jumped out of a pencil-box and said “I am Ram’s best friend! It is I who takes the trouble of writing all his homework!” On hearing this, Ram’s eraser, too, jumped out of the pencil-box saying "No, I’m his best friend, who corrects all his mistakes?" Then the ruler followed them both, out of the pencil-box and said “Both of are wrong, I am Ram’S best friend because I help to keep all his lines straight!”
The pencil, the eraser and the ruler soon began to quarrel.
As the pencil box listened to their quarrel, the pencil-box laughed aloud and said, “Ram does all his home- work himself! The three of you just help him as his friends. If you are his true friends stop fighting amongst yourself, or he won’t be able do his homework properly at all!” The pencil, the eraser, and the ruler were ashamed when they heard that. The got back into the pencil-box and waited quietly for Ram to come along.

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