Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Jackal's Scheme (Part 3)

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"Oh! That is the way to Cheeku’s house. Are you sure that the rabbit went this way?" Peeku Pig enquired.
"Yes, the rabbit was wearing a blue-coloured T-shirt," Ranga said.
The animals then took Pappu with them and left for Cheeku’s house. On reaching his house, they knocked the door. When Cheeku came out, to their surprise, he was wearing a blue-coloured T-shirt.
The animals grew angry. They said, "You should be ashamed of yourself, Cheeku. Deenu respects and cares a lot about you . . . and you have seriously injured his son. You have back-stabbed him."
Cheeku wanted to rebuff and answer back. But thought, it was not prudent at that time and kept quiet.
The animals then took Cheeku to Deenu Bear’s house. On hearing the entire story, Deenu was very furious with Cheeku and reprimanded him.
Ranga Fox was very happy seeing all this. He immediately left to inform BiIloo Jackal.
"Very good, you have done an excellent work. I will also fulfil my part of the promise," Billoo said.
"Before you do any favour to him, just have a word with us," Deenu Bear suddenly appeared and startled both of them. Cheeku was also along with him.

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