Monday, January 21, 2008

Please forgive me (Part 4)

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Motu, the Dog and Kajri, the Cow got hold of him and tied his hands and legs. Then they locked him in a room. Amar was sweating heavily and feeling very scared. His heart was beating very fast. He longed for his parents, and started crying loudly.
The feeling that he was away from his parents, made him very sad. He realised the importance of his parents and lamented his mistakes. Soon, the door opened. All the animals were standing at the door.
Amar implored crying, "Please forgive me. From now on, I will not harass any creature. I am suffering for not being with my parents. I can understand the trauma you have undergone due to my mischief. I will no longer trouble anybody. Forgive me... please forgive me ..."
"Amar... Amar... what happened? Wake up, Son. To whom are you apologising?" His mother shook him and he woke up baffled.
"Was I dreaming?" Amar rubbed his eyes in disbelief and looked all around.
"Mother, I cannot live without you. I have realised my mistake. Now I will not harm any creature." Amar touched his ears apologising for his mistake.
"My beloved Son! Come, your father is calling." His mother cuddled him.
"Yes, Mother, I am coming. Just a minute." Amar remembered the puppy in the celler and rushed for the cellar to free the puppy.

End of the story

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