Friday, January 11, 2008

Captain Tortoise goes to the moon (Part 1)

A nice Children story, Tell it to your kid during bedtime.
Based on a story by Rahul Naik.
CAPTAIN TORTOISE was in limelight for some days now. He was all set to go to the Moon. He had been busy preparing himself for the journey to the moon for the last 2 years. Now his "Thak-thak" aircraft was ready to take off.
Captain Tortoise had worked hard to make this spacecraft. The material which he had used in it included a long metallic tube, a few boxes, rods, batteries and a stove tank etc. Lomdi, the Jackal, was a scientist and had helped him in this project.
Though Captain Tortoise had tried to keep the project a secret, he did not succeed. Sonu, the Mouse was the first to know about it and he lost no time in spreading this news in the forest.
One day, when the sky was clear and the weather pleasant. Captain Tortoise announced that his spacecraft would take off for the Moon.

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