Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rahul learns his lesson the hard way (Part 3)

Rahul was a brilliant Class 5 student. He always excelled in studies and sports as well. But he was a lazy boy. All the electronic gadgets of his house were always kept running for no reason.
His parents used to caution him occasionally mend his ways as early as possible. He would follow their advice for some time. But after that, things remained as bad as before. His parents were worried and fed up with Rahul’s inattention.
There were 3 days to go for the exams. And this time, his father had promised to present him a bicycle if he stood first in the class. He had to study a lot. But today, looking at the uncooperative attitude of the household gadgets, he was getting a bit nervous. He was clueless as to how to end this ordeal.
"Please don’t do this to me. I have exams after 3 days... and have to study," Rahul tried to pacify them.
"No. We are not going to pay heed to your request. You never cared for us. Therefore, we will also do the same," the refrigerator answered curtly.

Rahul started crying in despair. He pleaded them with folded hands, "Please forgive me, I will not repeat this mistake again. I will not be an unmindful boy anymore. I will make sure to switch you ‘off’ after the use. Please... I beg you... forgive me this time. I will make sure that I wont abuse the environment"

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