Monday, January 21, 2008

Please forgive me (Part 2)

First part of the story

One day early in the morning, Amar was getting ready for the school. Just then, he happened to see a puppy roaming by his front gate. He immediately thought of playing a prank. Paying no attention to his parent’s advice; he tiptoed out, brought in the puppy and took him at his backyard cellar.
In the meanwhile, his mother came and started looking for him, "Amar, where are you? Have your breakfast. Come here fast. You are getting late for the school."
Amar left the puppy in the cellar and placed a basket over it.
The helpless puppy cried for help, "Yap... yap... yap..." but Amar had already left the cellar locking it from outside.
By noon, he came back from the school and was feeling very weary. He had simply forgotten that he had hid the puppy in the cellar. He changed his uniform, had his lunch and retired to have a quick afternoon nap.

Next part of the story

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