Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cabby gets saved

Once there was Cabby, the crab, who had grown tired of living in the sea.
“I would be happier living on the golden beach!” he thought. He looked at the clear blue sky, and the sun sparkling on the rocks where the sea birds landed, and was delighted with all that he saw. ‘Others can stay in the sea if they like.’ he thought. ‘But I want to enjoy the beautiful warm sunlight here, and...’ But at that very moment, as Cabby daydreamed happily, he found that he had been seized by tommy, the dog and was wedged between tommy's sharp teeth’.
‘Oh dear! This is my own fault,’ the Cabby told himself in despair. ‘I should have stayed where I belonged’ I didn’t remember that I’m a sea creature, and I should have stayed in the sea, no matter how lovely and tempting the land may appear. Now I must pay the price of not being a creature of the land.’

But Cabby, the crab did not realise that the dog who had caught him was eyeing him uneasily.
Tommy, the dog was thinking. ‘Why did I ever come down here from the comforts of a city, just to eat fish like a cat? This crab shell is so hard and salty Ugh!’ He spat Cabby, the crab out on to the breakwater, at the place where the sea met the beach. Cabby, the crab, scuttled into the water thankfully, and after that, he never came out from beneath the waves ever again!

Moral: We should be satisfied with what we have, The grass always appears greener on the other side of the fence

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