Monday, January 21, 2008

Please forgive me (Part 3)

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"Arrey! Where have I come... and what are there strange noises all around?" Amar got perplexed and looked here and there.
In no time, Kajri, the Cow, Binny, the Cat, Chichi, the Bird, Kali, the Goat and Motu, the Dog circled him. They were all shouting in anger.
"Friends, this boy has tortured us for a long time. For no reason, he irritates and injures us. Today, he is in our control. Now, you all decide what punishment is to be meted out to him?" Motu Dog growled.
Amar got very frightened to find him among the animals.
Binny Cat said, "Motu Brother, you are absolutely correct. This boy usually snatches our children from us. We have to teach him an appropriate lesson. Keep him away from his parents for a while. Only then will he realise that taking somebody’s offspring is so hurtful and causes suffering for the both parent and the child."
"Yes... yes... he has to pay for his wrong doings here only. He will be punished," the enraged animals shouted in unison.

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