Friday, January 25, 2008

Cunning Shiyar gets his due (Part 2)

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"You need not worry. I will return with help very so on."

Harry ran as fast as he could and met Lambu, the Giraffe on the way. He said, "Lambu, Shiyar, the Fox has fallen in the ditch and has been lying there for 2 days. He needs your help."

"Harry, agreed that I am your friend. But what made you think that I would be ready to help Shiyar? Just a few days back, he had destroyed my crops in the fields. I am afraid, I would not want to save Shiyar." Lambu retorted and declined to help him. Harry then ran to seek someone else help. But wherever he went, he found the animals critical of Shiyar, the Fox and refused to show any mercy to him. A few called him cunning, some others, an idiot. Some branded him as deceitful, while others bad- mouthed him.

When everybody refused to help Shiyar, Harry went straight to King Gabbar Singh and pleaded,

"Your Highness , Shiyar, the Fox is lying helpless in the ditch for the past 2 days. Kindly arrange for his rescue."

"Just leave him there as it is. At least, there would be some peace in the jungle for a while. Have you forgotten that last fortnight he created havoc among animals? What shall I tell you about other victims, your brother Ginni too was a victim of his atrocities. He had bitten his tail." Gabbar Singh also refused to offer any help.

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