Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Lesson of Unity (Part 1)

A nice story about unity based on a story by Indrajeet Kaushik

There were a wide variety of sweets In a sweets shop. Rasgullas, jalebi, gulab jamun, pede. barfi and many other sweets were lying there.
One day, the sweets argued among themselves as to who was the greatest of all. Each of them claimed to be the greatest. One claimed to be the prettiest while the other claimed to be having the best of taste. Soon they started quarrelling among themselves.
The quarrel gave rise to a fight. As a result, all the sweets broke. One sweet lost its hands while the other lost its legs. The laddoos were reduced to small bits.
The shopkeeper reached there after a while. He was surprised to see the broken sweets scattered all over. He was unable to make out as to what went wrong with the sweets. "Maybe, the rats have created a mess." he thought. He asked the servants to set the things right and ordered them to find a cat for the shop.

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