Friday, January 25, 2008

Cunning Shiyar gets his due (Part 3)

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Having exhausted all possibilities, Harry came back to the old banyan tree in a sad and dejected mood.

After pausing for a few moments, Harry called Banny, the old banyan tree, "Banny, you have long and strong locks of branches. I wish that they could be of some use. Why don’t you use these branches to save Shiyar’s life?"

"Harry, this fox has been lying here for 2 days. All the animals are very happy to see him in difficulty. Nobody thought of rescuing him because he is basically a bad animal. This is the result of his wrong-doings. Time and again I have seen a number of small animals being unnecessarily harassed by this evil and cunning fox. He is paying for his misdeeds and it is perfectly all right for him to be there."

"Banny, I never imagined that you could be cold-hearted like the rest. What has happened to you? Agreed, that he is a bad animal but we ought to take the initiative to transform him into a good animal," Harry, the Hare replied.

"All right. If you say, then I will pull him out. But beware, you may have to repent your decision." Harry felt happy on hearing the old banyan.

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