Monday, January 21, 2008

Please forgive me (Part 1)

Based on a story by Nidhi Shrivastav

Chirp, chirp chirp..."Oh! Why is this bird making so much of noise?" Mother wondered, "Amar must be upto some mischief."
She left her work and rushed into the room to witness that Amar was happy playing with the baby bird. But the mother bird was circling him, worried and screaming for help. "Chirp, chirp, chirp..."
"Amar, where have you brought this bird from? Son, why do you always trouble these innocent birds? Just put her back in the nest. Don’t you see that her mother is looking very concerned and scared?" His mother was annoyed. Amar got up to keep the baby bird in the nest.
But this was his daily routine. He would enjoy teasing the animals and birds. Sometimes, he would harass Kajri Cow’s calf. The other day, he tied the goat’s legs. He would often catch hold of kittens by their tender neck or threw stones at dogs. All the time, his mind was upto some mischief or the other to torment the birds and animals.
Amar used to feel delighted whenever he would nag and heckle a bird or animal. His father had often reprimanded him for this. His mother had also cautioned and warned him. But Amar would not listen.

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