Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Jackal's Scheme (Part 2)

First part of the story

"I am going to make you the king of the jungle, and you are sleeping here under the tree."
"How can I be the king? Can you please explain." Ranga was unable to understand what Billoo meant.
"For that, you have to do me a favour. Only then, I will do your work," Billoo whispered something in Ranga’s ears.
It was noon and Deenu Bear’s son Pappu was having a bath in the nearby river. Just as he was about to come out of the waters, a stone struck him hard on his head. His head was wounded and blood oozed out. The stone was thrown by Ranga Fox, who was hiding up in the tree close to the river. He came immediately down and started raising an alarm. On heaxing his cries, some animals gathered. "What happened? How did Pappu get injured?"
All the animals were worried.
"I was just lying around. I don’t know anything. But, I saw a rabbit running swiftly in that direction," the Fox replied.

Next part of the story

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