Friday, January 11, 2008

Captain Tortoise goes to the moon (Part 2)

Start of the Story

As soon as the residents of the forest heard this, they thronged outside their houses to have a glimpse of the spacecraft. Captain Tortoise was trying to answer their questions. The tota, the parrot started the countdown.The khargosh, the rabbit was clicking the photographs. The gadha, the donkey was making announcements on behalf of the Radio Station.
Tommy, the Dog was supposed to accompany Captain Tortoise as an expert. Billi, the Cat gave Captain Tortoise a box of sweets for the journey. At the scheduled time, Captain Tortoise stepped towards his spacecraft. Once he got inside it, he called for Tommy, the Dog. But the latter was nowhere to be seen. Actually, he had hidden himself out of fear. Captain Tortoise sat in the seat meant for the pilot. Sonu, the Mouse, shut the door, the tortoise light a match-stick and the fuel in the spacecraft caught ignited. As the engine powered up, it zoomed up!
"Bang... bang!" the spacecraft went and there was smoke all around. The onlookers became frightened and they began to run helterskelter.

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