Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Lesson of Unity (Part 4)

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"Stop preaching me or I will finish you," Milk placed on the fire boiled with anger.
This was the moment Lemon waited for. He immediately went to the sweets, "Come here, one of you and cut me to 2 pieces."
"But.that will...how can we..."
"There is no time to waste. Hurry up. worry for me," saying Lemon climbed on the the big bowl containing the milk. Burfi forward and cut Lemon to 2 pieces.
"Ah," Lemon groaned. 2-3 drops of the lemon juice fell in the boiling milk.
Soon, the milk soured.
"Do you know where you stand now? Will you ever claim your superiority again? A small lemon is strong enough to spoil your structure," the lemon was breathing his last.
The sweets felt pity on the milk. "It is bad to
quarrel with one another," they spoke in unison.
The lemon lost his life but succeeced to teach the a lesson of unity to the

Moral: We should not quarrel amongst ourselves so that some one takes advantage of us

End of the story

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