Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bakri goes shopping

Bakri, the Goat, had three little kids, One day, as she was going out to buy food, Bakri, the Goat, said to her baby goats, do not let any one in! Open the door only when I call out to you!”
Wammi, the wolf, was hiding outside the house, and he heard what Bakri the Goat said. Wammi, the wolf, went to the butcher’s shop, stole a goatskin, and put it on. Wammi then went back to Bakri’s cottage and knocked on the door, saying, “It’s your Mother Goat, let me in” But the little goats said, “Oh, no! You are not our mother! Your voice sounds too loud and rough!”

The wolf went to doctor Manu monkey’s clinic and bought some medicine to make his sound soft. After taking the medicines, Wammi, the wolf, went back to the cottage, and knocked at the door once again, saying, “It’s your Mother Goat, let me in!”

This time, the wolf’s voice did sound softer, and the baby goats really thought it was their mother. They opened the door happily, and in came the wicked wolf, Wammi, ready to spring upon them! Luckily, Bakri, the Goat, too, returned home from her shopping just then. As soon as she saw Wammi, the wolf, she put her head down, and butted Wammi with her horns. Wammi, the wolf, ran away howling in pain.

Moral: We should not open the door unless we are sure who is at the door or there is an adult nearby.

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