Monday, May 5, 2008

Catching rats the easy way backfires (Part 1)

This Story is about Cats who try to catch rats and the rats escape the cats.

Off lately, the tomcats of Mumbai were very much worried. They were trying hard to catch the rats but rats escaped every time. The tomcats felt themselves helpless. At last, they decided to call a meeting to discuss the problem.

An old cat presided over the meeting. The Cat Aunty spoke "This meeting is of utmost importance to us. We have gathered here to find a way out lest all the rats escape us." "We ought to put small pieces of cakes in front of their holes," Alex tomcat suggested.

"How is it going to serve the purpose?" Motu tomcat asked. "Silly, the rats will eat up those pieces and will become unconscious. We will soak those pieces in the medicine that causes unconsciousness. Do you understand?"

In the very night, some of the Alex placed the pieces of cakes soaked in the intoxicating drug in front of the holes of the rats. Then, they hid themselves behind the bushes. The sweet smell emanating from the cake pieces reached to the nostrils of the rats. Some of the rats came out of the holes and devoured them. The older rats tried to stop them but they did not care for their advice.
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