Monday, May 5, 2008

Catching rats the easy way backfires (Part 2)

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A few rats, however, restrained themselves. They remained inside the hole and watched those who ate the bits of cakes. Soon, those rats became unconscious and fell down.
The tomcat and friends hiding behind the bushes immediately came out. "Hurray..." they rejoiced.
"At last, we have succeeded," Alex said happily. The Alex and his friends lifted the unconscious rats and took them away on their backs. After their departure, the leader of the rats spoke, "This is the result of the greed. Now onwards we have to be very careful. The cats are resorting to novel techniques to trap us. None of the rats are advised to eat anything new without my consent."
The rats were convinced with what he said. They sniffed the eating material well to make sure that it was not harmful.
The tomcats were worried once again. "What to do now? The rats don’t even touch the bits of cakes. Moreover, we cannot afford to buy the cakes," one day, the tomcats discussed.

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