Monday, May 5, 2008

Catching rats the easy way backfires (Part 3)

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"We have to resort to a new technique which is unknown to the rats," Hairy tomcat said. "Idea!" Motu spoke, "we can resort to 'catch rats dot com' in order to catch the rats."
"What nonsense are you talking? Are you out of your senses?" Some of the cats said angrily. "I am very much in my senses. We should resort to Internet to catch the rats. There is 'Catch rats dot com' website in the Internet which contains rnany novel techniques for catching the rats. We can use some of those techniques," Motu said.
"Wow Motu! This is the first time you have come out with a witty suggestion," Black tomcat said.
"Motu’s suggestion is good. Let us open 'Catch rats dot com' site in the Internet"
There was a computer in the club which Motu proceeded and opened the 'catch rats dot com' site.
The torn-cats were surprised. The website contained many novel techniques to catch the rats. The tomcats took out the prints of all those methods. "Ha..Ha..Ha.. now the rats will face the music," the tomcats had a hearty laugh. The rats really felt helpless before the new techniques. They were trapped one after the other.
Ram Monkey was the well-wisher of the rats. The rats went to him. "So, this is the problem," Ram Monkey said after hearing them. Then he telephoned his friend Green Parrot and asked him to keep a close watch on the tomcats.
Green Parrot came with the news the very next day that the tomcats were resorting to 'Catch rats dot com'
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