Monday, May 5, 2008

Catching rats the easy way backfires (Part 4)

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"What should we do, Brother?" the leader of the rats asked with concern. "Don’t worry. You can resort to the same technique to save you, the one they are using to catch you." said the monkey
"What do you mean?" the leader asked.
Ram Monkey whispered something in his ear which made him all smiles.
Next day, the tomcats, as usual, used a new technique to catch the rats, but not a single rat was trapped. The rats had the answer to every trick used by the tomcats. The tomcats became disappointed. "Oh, not a single rat has been caught," the tomcats discussed among themselves, "it seems they have got a magical lamp to save them."
"Yes, we do have a magical lamp. Its name is 'Beware tomcats dot com', the leader of the rats shouted from a distance.
"What kind of lamp is this? We have never before heard of it." replied Alex
"It is not a lamp. It is the answer to 'Catch rats dot corn' site used by you. It contains techniques to answer back your tricks. We are also resorting to Internet," the leader shouted and ran away.
The tomcats hardly expected that their efforts would come to nothing. They were in a fix as to what to do the next.
The smart monkey made sure that the cats dont misuse technology and the easy route the cats took backfired.

End of the Story

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