Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A True Friend (Part 1)

A Story on friendship as told by M.Aditya

PRADEEP AND Vinod were rivals studying in the class 7. Pradeep was good in sports but was poor at studies. Vinod was good at both. As a result, he was jealous of Vinod.
The sports day was near. Everybody was practising for it. Pradeep and Vinod were very good at athletics. Pradeep was determined to win. But he was not sure whether he could win because Vinod was also determined to win.

Pradeep hit upon a plan and according to it on the sports day, before anyone's arrival, he dug a small pit in the path in which Vinod was supposed to run.

When the race started, Vinod was ahead of Pradeep, but after some time Vinod stepped on the pit and fell down. He was seriously injured. Pradeep overtook him. He was very happy as his plan had worked and he won the first prize. He also felt very guilty.

After a few days, he admitted to his teacher that he had dug the pit in which Vinod stepped and fell down. He was taken to the Principal. The Principal said, "You should make friends with Vinod and promise me that you will not betray him. You must also study very hard or else you will fail and will be expelled from the school."

Continued in part 2

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