Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A True Friend (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1
Pradeep, with a stone hearts went to Vinod and apologised. Vinod forgave him and agreed to make friends with Pradeep.
After some days, the second term examinations were held. Pradeep, because he was poor in studies, did not get good marks and just managed to pass.

His Principal came and said to him, "This is your last chance unless you do well in the Third and final term examination, you will be expelled"
Pradeep was ashamed and he cried bitterly. Vinod came to him and said, "Pradeep, do not worry, this is just the mid-term examination. Start reading well ain work hard from now. If you do so, you will do much better in annual exams."

Pradeep worked hard and Vinod also coached him wherever he found difficulties. After the annual exams result arrived, Pradeep was very happy because he stood first.
Indeed, it was his happiest day. He thanked Vinod profusely. Vinod stood in the second position. The Principal was also very happy because of pradeep's hard work. After this, Pradeep and Vinod became best friends.

For all the exams they ever faced, they faced it together. Always they stood either 1st or 2nd rank.

The End

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