Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Match Fixing part 1

Part 1 of 5
"I will bet on Modern High School for the forthcoming cricket match. Will you accept a bet for Rs 500?" Peter asked.
All the students in the class were stunned and glanced at one another. Rs 500 was quite a big amount. And they were sure, Modern High School was going to be defeated with David working wonders in Bombay Scottish team. They could not resist the temptation.
"We will accept the bet with you" said Rashmi, after a brief pause on behalf of the rest.
"It is a deal then," said Peter as the bell rang to announce the end of lunch session.
The nineth grade students took their seats as their history teacher entered the classroom. The whole class was bubbling with excitement and the history teacher could sense it.
Not only this class but the whole school seemed to be talking about nothing but the cricket match. It was scheduled for Sunday.
Their school "Bombay Scottish" was to take on "Modern High".
Both the schools boasted of strong teams but Bombay Scottish had an edge over Modern High in the sense that it had David as its Captain. David was a dread to his opponents.

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