Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Match Fixing part 5

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Later the Principal addressed the students during Assembly:
"Dear teachers and students,
It is indeed unfortunate that I have to deal with such a situation. I am sorry to say that two of our school students Peter and David have been suspended for unacceptable behaviour."
"I learn that Peter of nineth grade, a young boy who is in the habit of betting, has betted with many students of our school for Rs 500 and stood to gain money to the tune of Rs 10,000 through these bets. He had promised to pay David Rs 5,000 if he threw the match in Modern High’s favour.
I have just suspended the 2 students, not removed them because they are still young and at an impressionable age and I would like to give them both an opportunity to reform their ways."
"Let others learn a lesson from this incident and be honest in their actions and motives and bring laurels to their school and the Country."
The Assembly dispersed amid disbelief and anger.
"Hence forth, we should not get involved in betting of any type," Rashmi declared.
"Yes, never again," the other 3 echoed.
"Thank God, our names did not come out in the open."
"Tomorrow is our Sc1ente test. Let us concentrate on it" Akash suggested.
"That is right."
All four having learnt a lesson, resolved to concentrate on their studies and to keep away from bad habits.

The End...

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