Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Match Fixing part 2

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He was a master stroke player, a cunning, accurate bowler and an agile fielder. For the past 3 years, Bombay Scottish had retained the winning trophy meant for the best team in the city, thanks to David.
Bombay Scottish was expected to win this year too. According to all the students including those of Modern High, David was in great form and had scored 90 runs and taken 3 wickets for 12 runs in their semifinal against Vidya Montessori School.
"But 500 rupees is a huge amount. Peter has no problem. He was rich and had the money, but what about us? Suppose we lose our bet?" Akash was worried.
Rashmi, Akash, Pawan and Sulabh were walking home in the evening.
"It is Peter who ought to worry. After all with David in our team, Modern High do not stand a chance" Pawan sounded optimistic.
"I don’t know why Peter keeps betting like this. It has become a habit with him. He Knows very well that our school is going to win, why is he betting on Modern High?" Rashmi observed.

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