Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Match Fixing part -3

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Akash shrugged, "Probably just to show off that he is different and to gain attention" he suggested.
Though their minds were reeling with excitement about the forthcoming match, the bets they had committed to, troubled them. What if their Principal came to know about it? Or if one of their parents finds out and decided to take the betting matter to the Principal?
"Anyway, our school is going to win the match and we stand to gain. Be happy" Pavan consoled his mates.
"We want a Sixer... we want a Sixer..." shouted the crowd. Inspite of David’s poor batting, Bombay Scottish" had managed to reach a score of 143 runs In 48 overs.
"Modern High" was nearing 100 runs in 32 overs and had 5 wickets in hand.
"Bombay Scottish" was heavily banking on Davids bowling prowess. If he could come up with a spectacular bowling display, as usual, the cup would be their this year too.
David let his team down with poor bowling and "Modern High" won the game with 8 overs to spare.
The students of "Bombay Scottish" could not believe what they had just witnessed. Their hero, David had let them down. Here was Modern High walking away with the cup.
Amidst much cheering and booing, Abhishek was presented the trophy. The students of Modern High walked away with the trophy, their heads held up high, with pride.
Pavan, Sulabh, Akash and Rashmi sat in one end of their school playground totally dissapointed.
How were they going to collect Rs 500 to give to Peter?
A notice on the school notice board, a few days later, shook everybody.

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