Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Match Fixing part 4

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It read:
"Our school cricket team captain David has been suspended from attending school for 2 weeks. He also ceases to be our school cricket team captain owing to the betting charges against him. Peter of Nineth gread too has been suspended for 2 weeks in this regard."
"Pavan, Akash, Sulabh, come quickly. Look here," yelled an excited Rashmi,
"What is wrong Rashmi? Why are you shouting like this?" Pavan enquired.
"Look..." pointed Rashmi.
The 3 looked at the notice board, their mouth wide open with shock and surprise.
"I don’t think David is capable of such a thing. I think somebody is out to tarnish his name," Rashmi defended her hero.
Pavan was more level headed, "Why would any-body do such a thing? If Peter and David both have been suspended. I think the management should have proof against them."
"Maybe, the Modern High team must have bribed him so that they could win the trophy" suggested Akash.
"Most likely" the other 3 supported his opinion unanimously.

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