Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why does woody, the woodpecker peck wood?

The heavy rains had caused floods, so it was difficult for Woody, the woodpecker to go out in search of food. When the rains finally stopped, Woody, the woodpecker set out to look for food. Then he spotted a tiger cub near the sea. It had been swept ashore by the forceful waves.
Woody, the woodpecker went up to the cub and said, "You look lost, little cub! Do you want some help?"
"I want to go back to my mummy," Tigger, the tiger cub said.
"It’s going to be hard for me to help this Tigger, the tiger cub", Woody, the woodpecker thought worriedly.
Woody, the woodpecker was not able to carry the Tigger, the tiger cub across the ocean to the island where its parents lived.
Woody, the woodpecker then asked his friend, Bunny, the rabbit, about what they could do to solve this problem.
Bunny, the rabbit replied, "We must make a boat that travel in,"
"That is a good idea," Woody, the woodpecker said happily.
Their friend the Jumbo elephant was ready to uproot any tree to make into a boat. A group of friendly rats were ready to do all the carpentry work needed to make it sail.
But which tree should they choose? Bunny, the rabbit said they should take advice from king termite, who knew all about wood. However, the king termite was not quite clear in his
answer. He simply said, "All trees are not good for your purpose." So, all the animals urged Woody, the woodpecker to find a suitable tree himself. And from that day onwards, Woody, the woodpecker has been pecking every tree he finds, to look for the suitable tree. But, he has still not found it.
In the meanwhile, Tigger, the tiger cub became friendly with the other animals and lived with them.

The story is based on a story by Leons George. Thanks Leons

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