Friday, November 28, 2008

Granny makes a scarecrow

Once upon a time, there was Neeta, an old granny, who lived in a village. A large mango tree, laden with ripe golden mangoes grew in front of her house. Neeta, the old granny could not climb to the top of the tree to pick the ripe mangoes. She had to wait until her grandson, Bakul, came from the city. Bakul came only Saturdays, and it was only Wednesday.
Grandmother didn’t know what to do, She wanted to wait for Bakul, but the crows were eating up all the mangoes, She knew that something had to be done at once. Or else, all the mangoes would be gone. She thought hard of some way to frighten the crows away. Finally she had an idea. Do you know what she did?
Granny took a stick and stuck it in the ground. She hung an old shirt on it. She tied
a bundle of straw on it for a head. She tied on some old ragged pants. She fastened old gloves for hands. When the wind blew it made him flop just like a man, and the birds didn’t dare go near to steal any more mangoes.

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