Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turn around Ganeshji - part 1

A folk tale from Tamil Nadu, India
An old man was very sick and was in bed with fever. His old wife was very sad because she didn’t have money to take him to hospital. She decided to make some herbal juice to lessen her husband’s fever. So, she placed a few coriander and pepper seeds on the grinding stone
and went to look for a stone to pound the seeds.One of the pepper seeds was naughty Kali
Mirch. He had watched the old woman, and realised that he was going to be pounded. So, he quietly rolled off the grinding stone and hid under it. The old woman did not notice this. She pounded the remaining coriander and pepper seeds and made juice for the old man. Alas, the old man didn’t recover from the fever, and died the next day. The old woman was very sad and cried a lot, Kali Mirch who was hiding under the grinding stone saw this and felt guilty. He thought that the old man had died because of him, So, he decided to help the old woman.
Every night, he crept out of the grinding stone and prepared some idli and dosa dough. Then, he kept the dough in a vessel, and hid behind the grinding stone before the old woman woke up. The old woman was astonished to see the idli and dosa dough all ground and mixed each morning. Since she needed money, she prepared idlis and dosas from the dough, and sold it to the people around, After a few days, the old woman became curious. She wanted to know who was helping her, So, one night she pretended to have fallen asleep. Kali Mirch, as usual, came out of his hiding place and prepared the dough. The old woman excitedly took Kali Mirch in her hands and asked, "Why are you doing all this?" Kali sheepishly told her his story.

Part 2

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