Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turn around Ganeshji - part 2

First part
The old woman was touched to hear Kali Mirch’s confession, She said "You have helped me like a son. So, from today, you are my son Kali. Come on, we will both work together." Kali was so happy to hear this, From then on, both of them prepared idlis, dosas and sweets and sold them in the market.
One day, the old woman made some delicious "appams" (bread of rice) from rice and Jaggery. The old woman gave one to Kali. Kali happily ran away with the appam. When he reached a Ganeshji temple, he entered the deity’s room and started eating the appam.
Lord Ganeshji saw Kali eating appam. His mouth watered.
He said " Kali, Kali Give me piece please," Kali said, "No’ No! I can’t give you
even a bit",
He ate the whole appam by himself, Lord Ganeshji got so angry at this that he turned around and stood facing the wall. The next day, when the temple priest came and opened the temple, he saw Lord Ganeshji facing the wall. He was terrified, and called all the villagers, They realised that Lord Ganeshji was angry. They quickly made him many offerings of delicious fruits and sweets. But Lord Ganeshji refused to turn around. Everyone was worried.
When Kali heard this, he felt sad. He knew very well why Ganeshji was angry. He hurried to the old woman and asked her to make appams again. Then, that night, he took two appams and went to the temple. He called out "Ganeshji! Ganeshji! Turn around! I have brought appams for you. Lord Ganeshji immediately turned around and happily took the appams from Kali. Both of them ate the appams heartily. The next day, the villagers were so happy to see Lord Ganeshji in his usual pose.
End of the story.
Thanks Vaidehi for the story.

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