Sunday, June 21, 2009

Secret of a Flying Saucer (Part 1 of 3)

Based on a story by Indrajit Kaushik

Misty mountains forest was in panic these days. All the animals were in a state of terror. The cause of anxiety was a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the sky. A saucer-shaped object was glittering at night.
"I think the saucer has come from some other planet and is spying on us", said Bandar, the Monkey.
"But why should anyone spy on us?" Bandar was speechless when Shiyar the Jackal asked him.
"It seems we are in trouble. God knows what will happen now?" Lomdi the Vixen started crying."Crying will not help. We will have to think of some way out", when Khargosh, the Rabbit suggested, everyone started looking at one another.
The flying saucer was growing bigger day by day. It was slowly descending on the jungle. In this situation many had stopped work with the fear of the dooms day. But some started taking advantage of the situation. In order to save them from this trouble, the ones advising prayers and sacrifices started cheating others in the name of superstition.
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howtoplaybass said...

Very good story. Do you mind if I can print it off to read to my little girl?

Though I would share this with you seeing as we are both parents.

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