Sunday, June 21, 2009

Secret of a Flying Saucer (Part 3 of 3)

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As Khargosh returned after discovering the secret,the king asked him. Khargosh assured him that there was nothing to fear.
Then Khargosh called for a kite. He started flying the kite after tying a thread to it.All the animals were curiously watching. The kite had reached the skies. Then Khargosh pulled his kite's string after cutting the string of the balloon. This snipped the string tied to the balloon of the saucer and the saucer came falling on the ground. Showing the saucer to Sher the Lion king Khargosh said, "Here is this paper globe that we thought to be a danger and we were getting frightened of."
"Some naughty children of our jungle or the other one tied it to a balloon and left it in the skies. And we thought it to be a dangerous thing," Khargosh, the rabbit surprised everyone.
Praising Khargosh, the rabbit, Sher, the king said, "It is during troubled times that a person is tested. It was seen how we all behave when in danger. Instead of being frightened in troubled times we must act with patience and sensibly and think of a way out like Khargosh, the rabbit did."
The secret of the saucer was out. The wicked animals were cursing Khargosh, the rabbit who had snatched the opportunity of making a fortune from them.
All the animals again returned to their everyday chores from that day.
End of the Story

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