Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lesson for the Cat (Part 1)

Based on a Story by Gyandev Mukesh
Winter had set in and Lomdi the Jackal was feeling cold. He collected some dry woodand lit up a fire to keep himself warm. He went off to sleep when he felt warm and comfortable. Chooha, the Mouse too was feeling very cold. Taking the opportunity she cuddled close to the fire. Billa, the cat too joined them. Chooha was enjoying the warmth of the fire and was unaware of the presence of the danger lurking near her "the cat". After some time, when Billa, the cat be came comfortable, she thought of going home. When she turned, her eyes fell on Chooha, the mouse.
"Wow! A mouse. I will roast it and enjoy my meal", and Billa, the cat nabbed the ignorant Chooha.
"Help, help," Chooha shouted and tried to free itself from Billa, the cat's clutches. This woke Lomdi the Jackal up and he inferred the whole situation.
He said to Billa, the cat, "The mouse is my little sister, so spare her. I will give you lots of dry wood to keep yourself cosy and comfortable at home." Billa, the cat said, "I can get wood from anywhere but to have the catch of a fat mouse comes rarely. I am going to roast the mouse, so get aside. If you wish,I can give you some to taste." Lomdi the Jackal understood that Billa, the cat was too eager of having Chooha, the mouse for supper.
He regretted lighting fire and started searching for a way to save Chooha, the mouse. Seeing some utensils with spices lying nearby,an idea struck Lomdi the Jackal. He said to Billa, the cat, "Why don't you roast Chooha in spices kept here and make it tasty."

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