Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lesson for the Cat (Part 2)

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Billa, the cat liked the idea and asked Lomdi the Jackal to get the dish of chilli-powder. She said, "I like hot spicy food, so I will first marinate Chooha in chilli-powder." Chooha, the mouse was frightened but Billa, the cat opened the lid of the dish and put Chooha, the mouse into the utensil.
As Chooha was wrapped with chilli-powder, she started shaking with pain. At the same time she thought that to escape from the situation she had to bear some pain and so filled some chilli in her mouth. Billa, the cat took her out and to see that Chooha, the mouse was properly covered with chilli, she brought her close to her eyes. Chooha, the mouse got a chance and she blew the chilli-powder into Billa, the cat's eyes. Billa, the cat shouted with pain and the mouse fell from her hand. Chooha ran to Lomdi the Jackal. Billa, the cat was jumping here and there. Her eyes were burning with the chilli. She forgot that the fire was next to her and she fell into it. Lomdi the Jackal and Chooha, the mouse started clapping. Lomdi the Jackal said to Billa, the cat, "Now I will roast you and coat you with spices." Billa, the cat pleaded, "Spare me, I promise that I will never eat any mouse ever. Please forgive me." Lomdi the Jackal and Chooha, the mouse felt pity on her and threw a bucket of water into the fire. The fire was doused but by that time both ears of Billa, the cat had already got burnt. She ran away for shame but Lomdi the Jackal stopped her and said, "I regret that only your ears have got burnt. But not to worry, I will cover them in spices and we will be happy eating just your ears." Billa, the cat was embarrassed. She ran as fast as she could while Lomdi the Jackal and Chooha, the mouse clapped away.
End of the story...

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