Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who Stole the Necklace (part 1)

Adapted from a story by Neelam Chandra
Thanks Neelam
A female monkey bandariya lived with her parents in a posh house in the jungle of New York. She lived a comfortable and lavish life. She has colourful toys, new clothes and lots of books to read and PSP to play. On the other hand langoori monkey stayed in the bandariya's maids quarter with her mother who worked as a maid in the house. Because of poverty langoori could not attend school neither did she possess toys and books. She wore the old clothes of bandariya given to her by bandariya's mother. langoori was always eager to see bandariya's things and would hide and watch bandariya's activities. bandariya would be highly annoyed at this. One day, bandariya was on the swing wearing a new Tommy dress and matching Nike shoes. langoori was peeping her from behind the wall. bandariya happened to see langoori and shouted at her badly.
Next day, bandariya's uncle from the jungle of tokyo came to meet her. He got for her beautiful necklace and earrings. The necklace was very expensive. On wearing it, bandariya felt like a queen. She proudly wore it the whole day. In the evening, her friends "Pinky, Binny and Chinky monkey" came to meet her. bandariya showed her necklace to all of them. Her friends had not seen such a beautiful necklace till now. They could not stop showering praises on it. Suddenly, bandariya's eyes fell on the window. She saw langoori standing and watching all of them. bandariya was very angry and shouted at langoori in front of her friends.
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