Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who Stole the Necklace (part 3)

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Bandariya's mother had a liking for pudding and it was her friend Champa who made it very delicious. She thought of going to her to learn how to make the pudding. When she reached her house, her daughter was playing in the garden. She was wearing necklace exactly like bandariya's necklace. For one moment she was shocked but she could not resist As she entered inside the house she commented, "You know bandariya too had a necklace like Binny. Where did you get it from?" Champa replied, "Don't joke. It was yesterday only that bandariya gifted it to Binny saying that this was an advance gift for her birthday coming next month." bandariya’s mother understood everything. She told Champa all about the necklace getting stolen. Actually, Binny had liked bandariya's necklace a lot and so she had stolen it. As langoori was peeping inside the window at that time Binny knew that bandariya would suspect langoori for stealing the necklace. As Binny's mother had seen the necklace at home Binny cooked up the story of bandariya having gifted it to her. When Champa shouted at her, Binny apologised for her mistake and returned it to bandariya's mother.On returning home, when bandariya's mother told her about Binny stealing the necklace, bandariya was sad about having charged langoori of stealing thenecklace. langoori and her mother were going away with their luggage. bandariya’s mother apologised to them. bandariya now promised that she would treat langoori as her friend and share all her toys and show her clothes to her so that she did not feel deprived. bandariya broke the friendship with Champa for stealing.

The End

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