Saturday, August 1, 2009

My name is Bond, Chuuha bond (part 1)

Based on a story by Sanjiv Jaiswal

One day,Chuuha Rat watched a 007 James Bond film on TV. Seeing his stunts Chuuha too decided to become a detective. He quickly bought a long overcoat,a hat, a pair of sunglasses, a big bag and some other James Bond important things. He then went to a rat's colony and after collecting all of them, and said, "Friends,James Bond 009 is here in your service. I will be happy to solve your problems if you tell them to me."
"We rats are in great trouble, James Bond," Pintu Rat spoke. "Tell me your problem and sleep peacefully," taking down his hat Chuuha bowed down gracefully. "Our children disappear anytime. We are highly upset about that," Browny mother rat cried. "We cannot sleep at night. If you can bail us out of this problem, we will be thankful to you for entire lives," Chichi Rat pleaded with folded hands. "Whose children have disappeared?" Chuuha inquired."Our.ours," almost all the rats raised their hands. Thinking for a while Chuuha said, "That mean sthe matter is very serious. I will solve this case, but there is a condition." "What is the condition?" "I need a beautiful (female) rat as an assistant." He had always seen James Bond with pretty damsel to help him and he wanted to be like him.
Sundri Rat was ready to be his assistant. Chuuha sent all the rats back home and started working on the case. First of all, with the help of his detective glasses, he started searching all the nearby houses for many hours. Sundri in between kept serving him with coffee from the thermos. She too had watched a lot of James Bond films and so was impressed with Chuuha alias James Bond."Sundri darling, I have discovered similar marks in front of all houses which proves that it is the one person behind all troubles," Chuuha said after completing the first leg of his search. "Sir, who can that be?" Sundri asked."It is difficult to comment anything right now. But don't worry, I will soon find him out," Chuuha smiled and taking out a special box of powder from his pocket, said, "Sprinkle this powder where I tell you to. The marks will become visible by this and I will take their photographs."
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