Sunday, August 16, 2009

The clever old man (Part 1)

Based on a story by Samser Kausalia
An old childless couple lived in a village. They were farmers. The old man often worried that he was childless. Whatever he had earned, he spent in the treatment of his wife, but to no avail.
One day, the old woman spoke, "We do not have children, nor do we have money. What shall we do in the old age?"
The old man thought for some time and then spoke, "You ask someone to lend us 100 silver coins and I can promise you a secure old age."
The old woman went to a rich merchant's wife and borrowed 100 silver coins from her. She handed those coins to the old man. The old man took 20 of those coins to a potter and purchased his donkey from him. Then he went to a neighbouring village. There lived 4 brothers in the village. The brothers cheated those living in the nearby villages and cities and thus earned their living.
The old man enquired about them and decided to see them. He asked a child whether or not they were available at their home. The child told him that they were out. Hence the old man decided to visit their home in their absence.
There were their wives at home. The old man enquired about the four brothers. The wives told him that they were out on business. Then they asked the old man who he was.
The old man said, "You don't know me. I am one their old friend".
Then they told him to stay for the night as it was a late hour. The old man agreed and stayed there with his donkey.
The old man got up early in the morning and buried 8 silver Coins in the dung of the donkey. Then he fell asleep once again. After some time, the thugs' wives came and were surprised to find the
silver coins in the dung. They had no doubt left (that the donkey passed those coins with his dung.)
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