Saturday, August 1, 2009

My name is Bond, Chuuha bond (part 2)

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Chuuha again searched all the houses of the colony with his detective glasses. Sundri kept sprinkling the powder at the said places and Chuuha took photographs with his L.G. mobile camera. They kept searching till midnight. He quickly forwarded the photos by bluetooth to his IBM laptop and started typing on the Microsoft keyboard. Sundri asked with curiosity, "What are you doing, sir?" She had seen a IBM laptop for the first time. "This is the little computer filled with information from all over the world. I am processing the photographs that I clicked by downloading them on the laptop. As soon as this data matches with the data in the computer, it will immediately verify the marks. Who is that wicked one who has made your life hell?" Chuuha answered while working on the laptop. Jumping with joy, Sundri said, "James Bond,you are great." She felt that the James Bond rats will now not only soon get rid of the trouble but they would alsoa quire popularity.
Photographs of many animals were being screened on the laptop. Sundri was enjoying it thoroughly. In excitement she too hit a finger on the keyboard. "Bow!wow!wow,!" a dog barked loudly on thescreen. "Oh God! What is this?" and frightened Sundri quickly moved behind. "I was just about to find the culprit and you disturbed the processing," Chuuha said, holding hishead." But how did the dog enter the laptop?" Sundri asked with her eyes wide open at the laptop. "It is filled with lots of information, photos and sounds of many animals. You have destroyed my hard work," Chuuha spoke seriously. "I am sorry, please forgive me. The mistake will not be repeated," Sundri apologised holding her ears."Fine," and Chuuha again started processing the data. Sundri was watching everything very carefully. She found Chuuha very intelligent and revered. "I have found the culprit. here he is. The root of the trouble has been found," Chuuha shouted after about half an hour."I will declare tomorrow in front of the everyone who the culprit is" Chuuha said. "I am your assistant and have worked with you from the beginning in searching the culprit. You are still not telling me the name that means you do not trust me," Sundri said with tears in her eyes."James Bond cannot see tears in girls eyes. So I will tell you," wiping Sundri’s tears James whispered to her, "Our computer is telling that the marks that we have picked up from in front of the houses are of a cat's paws. That means that the wicked cat eats them away." When Sundri laughed Chuuha got angry. "The computer of James Bond does not lie. Pups of rats have been devoured by the cat. Don't you know since beginning, all know that rats are eaten by cats. Why did you make such elaborate arrangements for knowing such a small thing? Did your mother not tell you that cats are our enemies?" Sundri said.
Our silly Chuuha bond had felt he is a James bond.
End of Story

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